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Booking Process

1.1 Arrange your consultation with us. This will be done via a Zoom call over the internet or telephone conversation. If your location is within a reasonable distance from us, we will arrange a consultation in person at a mutually convenient meeting point and have coffee together.


1.2 If you would like to go ahead with our service we simply require a £195 deposit to secure your date and our services.


1.3 We will send you your contract (this document) as confirmation electronically by email and by post. Once this contract is signed and returned and deposit payment as been received, your wedding day photography and date are secured.


1.4 We require the remaining balance paid in full no later than 8 weeks before the date of your wedding.


1.5 Approximately 3-5 days after your wedding we will send you confirmation via an email link highlighting all the images we have taken. At this stage for convenience, these will be in low resolution format.


1.6 Final Images will be sent to you via online filesharing web services. This service offers high resolution and high quality image downloads. If you have chosen one of our packages with a wedding album, the album may take 4-6 weeks to be delivered to your chosen address.


The Wedding Event & Location


2.1 It is understood that Your Big Day Photos is the exclusive photographer retained to perform the photographic services requested in this contract. Others taking photographs will only be guests invited to the wedding in a non-professional capacity.


2.2 Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) shall not be held responsible for any photographs requested but not provided resulting from the late arrival of any wedding parties.


2.3 If there are any changes to the locations, dates, or schedule please inform us as soon as possible. We will contact you one week before the date of your wedding to confirm all details are correct.


2.4 It is the Bride & Groom’s (The Client) responsibility to obtain permission for entry to and photography at all applicable locations and to advise the photographer of any restrictions or policies in place at all applicable locations.


2.5 It is the duty of the photographer's designated assistant to keep guests from hampering or hindering the photographer during the designated official photographic duties.


2.6 It is the sole responsibility of The Bride & Groom (The Client) and their families to maintain the safety of both the photographer and his/her assistant in relation to other guests and parties.


2.7 No foul or abusive language or threatening behaviour of any kind will be tolerated by the photographer and his/her team members. Although it is accepted that alcohol is a natural part of any wedding day, the excessive consumption of alcohol is no excuse for such behaviour.


2.8 Although very unlikely, in the event of such behaviour the photographer has the right the cancel his/her duties immediately. No liability will be held against Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) in such occurrences. All money refunds, (excluding deposit), and the release of images taken at that point will be subject to negotiation between Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) and The Bride & Groom (The Client).


2.9 If the photographer has a reason for not performing under this contract, the following provisions shall be applied:

a: The photographer cannot attend to his/her duties for medical reasons or another emergency, all efforts will be made by him/her to find an alternative replacement. This will most often be the photographer’s assistant, who will also be in a professional photographic capacity.

b; If for whatever reason the photographer cannot source a replacement or the client is not satisfied with the proposed replacement, all monies paid by the client (including the deposit) shall be refunded in full and the photographer's liability shall be limited to this refund only.

All monies shall be refunded and this contractual agreement shall become null and void if in an act of God or other catastrophe necessitates cancellation or in case of death or serious illness to either party or their immediate families up to five days before the wedding. Although very unlikely, such cancellations must be in writing and a registered medical professional shall attest to the illness or death referenced as the reason for cancellation.


The Images We Capture Of Your Wedding


3.1 The images we capture on your wedding day are of you, your partner and your family and friends. Here at Big Day Photos, we DO NOT put any watermarks or restrictions on the shots we take for you. They are all yours to keep, however many.


3.2 We will always deliver to you approximately 1000+ images on the day. Although some might have odd funny expressions or closed eyes, which no doubt you’ll want to disregard; nevertheless they are yours. Should you choose a Wedding Album package when booking or in the future, we recommend choosing your favourite 30 images, which will then be processed and designed for the printed album.


The Video We Capture Of Your Wedding


4.1 The video footage we capture on your wedding day is of you, your partner and your family and friends. Here at Big Day Photos, we DO NOT put any watermarks or restrictions on the footage we capture for you. Final rendered movies are all yours to keep. We capture footage throughout the day of all aspects of the continuing events from start to finish. Full footage is always captured of your Ceremony, your Cake Cutting and your First Dance. As with your images, the footage is dependent on what is occurring on the day and whatever we are allowed (venue restrictions) to film.


4.2 Final video footage is delivered in full HD with stereo sound. Please be aware that we can sometimes come across electrical or feedback issues within venues (particularly older establishments) when capturing the sound via our microphones. Whenever this occurs, we do our very best to combat these issues both while recording and also in post-production.


4.3 If you’ve chosen the Photography & Highlights Video Package, you’ll receive a movie around the length of a chosen song. This is often the song from your First dance. If you’ve chosen the Photography & Feature Video Package, you’ll receive a movie around 45-50 minutes in length. This will also be complete with all the original audio captured on the day.


Your Image & Video Footage Expectations


5.1 Images you may have seen prior to your wedding day across social media platforms and the internet are often ‘stylised’ marketing photoshoots using professional models. These are created for the marketing purpose of vendors, suppliers and wedding industry businesses. The images and footage we capture on your wedding day, although of the highest quality, are ‘Real’ and ‘Unstaged’. Images and/or video footage we capture are achieved by certain criteria;


5.2 The weather and the ability to shoot content in such climates. Bad or inclement weather conditions WILL have a direct effect on our ability to provide certain content. In such situations, we will endeavour to make alternative arrangements and find more suitable indoor locations for photographing you the couple and the guests where applicable.


5.3 Your willingness and that of other party/wedding day guests to participate in the image requirements you may have stipulated in our prior consultations.


5.4 We capture a ‘Documentary’ style of photography and will capture images throughout your whole day, then deliver the resulting content to you as it was taken in reality. We do however use photoshop to create consistent levels of exposure wherever necessary. We do not edit or manipulate images to the point where they become unrecognisable and indistinguishable from their original state (eg: Facebook, Instagram and other social media image filters).


5.5 It is important to realise that our ability to capture images and video footage wherever applicable is often dictated by where we have access to, particularly in some smaller areas like churches and registry offices. There are many rules set out by officials at wedding venues as to where photographers and videographers are allowed to situate themselves best in order to capture images and footage. You (the client) are responsible before your wedding day to enquire with any church or registry official as to where we (the vendor) can position ourselves in the venue at the time of your ceremony. This is crucial when considering where we are allowed to be. Our positioning in the venue will have a direct impact on any content captured.


5.6 Your final edited videography will consist of two movies. The first/main movie is that of a documentary style with all audio captured on the day left intact along with the movie footage. Your second Highlights movie is much more cinematic and is accompanied by a song of your choosing, with the original audio taken out. First movie: ‘Documentary’ - real and raw. Second movie: ‘Highlights’ - cinematic.




6.1 Upon payment, you The Bride & Groom (The Client) shall own all copyright of the images and have the right to use them for your own purposes.


6.2 Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) reserves the right to use images for display and publication purposes both in print and online. However, this is only with the strict permission of The Bride & Groom (The Client) only.


6.3 Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) shall not be liable for any claims whatsoever resulting from alternatives made to the images by The Bride & Groom (The Client) or any other third party.


6.4 Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) grants the client the right to make unlimited numbers of copies/prints of any of the images for both family and friends.


6.5 Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) also grants the client the right to use images for their own social media channels as they see fit. However, no liability of any kind shall be placed upon Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) for such use.


6.6 Any other commercial or promotional use thereafter of the images by any parties eg; businesses or groups (printing and photographic processing companies) other than said family or friends of you, The Bride & Groom (The Client) is subject to written permission from you, The Bride & Groom (The Client) to Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor).


6.7 Selling or publishing of images by any parties, businesses, or groups (printing and photographic processing companies) thereafter for any financial gain is strictly prohibited.




7.0 In the event of postponement or cancellation of the wedding, the initial deposit is non-refundable. (*See the ‘Deposits’ section for full details of your consumer rights).


7.1 Should you (The Client) cancel your wedding date with Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) within 3 months of the booked wedding date you are liable for the full amount of the contract, minus any initial deposit plus any other payments received.



8.1 Deposits are non-refundable after acceptance of the contract. *However within UK consumer law you have the right to cancel within 14 days. You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days of receipt of your deposit without giving any reason. The cancellation period will expire after 14 days from the day of acceptance of the contract.


8.2 To exercise the right to cancel, you must inform us, by contacting us at Your Big Day Photos (our contact details are set out below), of your decision to cancel this contract by a clear statement by letter sent by post or email. Email:, Address: 3 Felkirk Cottages, Slack Lane, South Hiendley, S72 9DW.


8.3 Please include your reference/invoice number when you contact us so we can respond in the fastest possible time. To meet the 14 day cancellation deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right to cancel before the cancellation period has expired. Effects of cancellation within 14 days: You will be entitled to the full £100 deposit refund on cancellation within 14 days.

Additional Balance Funds Paid


8.1 Any funds that have been paid towards your balance are non-refundable should you (The Client) wish to cancel your booking with Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) under any circumstances. Why is this? Once you (The Client) book your intended wedding date with Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) we then completely block out that date for you (The Client) and it becomes unavailable to any other interested parties. Because we (The Vendor) receive inquiries all year round for available dates for our services we continually turn down potential business for dates that have already been booked. Therefore any cancellation of our services would not only be a loss of said booking, but also all other inquiries we have turned down beforehand. Cancellation of a booking also means we (The Vendor) have to re-advertise the date, with costs, often at short notice.


Future COVID-19 Lockdowns & Restrictions


8.2 If in the event of a future FULL UK Government imposed lockdown (eg: March 2020) and you are no longer able to stage your wedding day on the booked date with us, your deposit will be returned to you (The Client) by Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) and any other payments made towards your balance at that time.


8.3 If you (The Client) wish to cancel your wedding day on the booked date with us (The Client) by Your Big Day Photos for any other reason other than a FULL UK Government imposed lockdown (eg: March 2020), your deposit and any other payments made towards your balance will not be refunded to you (The Client) by Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor).


Date Rescheduling


9.1 Should you (The Client) wish to cancel your existing wedding day with us, Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) and reschedule to a future date, we will endevour to fulfil this. Under such circumstances, your deposit and any other additional balance payments will be carried over to your new date with no further financial penalties or costs of any kind to you (The Client) from Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor). If we, Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) are unable to reschedule your new date due to an existing booking on the same date, then all funds paid including the deposit are non-refundable. See point 6.1 for a full explanation of the reasons.


Vendor Cancellation


10.1 Although very unlikely, should we, Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) be unable to provide our services for you (The Client) for any reason ‘beyond our control’ throughout the length of this contract time, your deposit and any other funds made towards your balance will be returned to you in full. You will not be liable for any expenses of any kind from Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor). Nor will Your Big Day Photos (The Vendor) be liable for any costs against them from you (The Client).


Other Considerations

11.1 We have full specialist Photographic insurance as well as public liability insurance. A copy of this schedule can be provided on request.


11.2 Triple amounts of backup camera equipment and memory cards are always on hand should there be any issuers with our equipment on the day of your wedding.


11.3 We keep a copy of your images/footage for exactly one calendar year from the date of your wedding. So in the unlikely event of you losing or damaging/corrupting files, we can re-supply content to you again. The cost for this would be 25% of your original wedding package fee.


Social Media

12.1 We reserve the right to use images and footage on our social media channels. However, we NEVER use footage or images that compromise the identity of Children, young adults and vulnerable people at risk. We will always send confirmation of our intentions before adding any content to our website blog feed and posting it across Facebook. Recommendations

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